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We believe that the Bible is God’s direct revelation to man and contains the divine answers to man’s problems and needs.  We teach the Bible both as a textbook and as a guide to enable students to develop a personal relationship with God.  We encourage students to critically evaluate all of life’s situations by the standards set forth in the Bible, so they can make proper decisions based upon biblical mandates and its examples.  Therefore, the Bible is the center of our curriculum and the foundation for Christian education at CAM.  A Bible lesson is taught each day in accordance with our curriculum.  Students will attend a weekly secondary chapel service.  During chapel, students will worship through music and will learn from Christian speakers, including but not limited to local pastors and youth pastors.


Middle School

Core Courses

The Middle School curriculum includes grammar, composition, spelling, vocabulary, poetry, literature, mathematics, science, and geography/history.

Elective Courses

Physical Education, Digital Citizenship, and Preparing for College and Careers are the electives generally offered in middle school.

Extracurricular Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in various activities depending on interest including drama, basketball, volleyball, archery, cheerleading, and golf. 


High School

Graduation Requirements

Students planning to graduate from CAM will graduate with a state-recognized diploma, fulfilling the Core 40 requirements. These requirements are English (8 credits), Math (6 credits), Science (6 credits), Social Studies (6 credits), Directed Electives (5 credits), Physical Education (2 credits), Health (1 credit) and additional electives (6 credits). Students will also have the opportunity to graduate with a Core 40 with honors diploma or the Core 40 with technical honors diploma.

Dual Credit

CAM students have the opportunity to participate in dual-credit/dual-enrollment courses through Ivy Tech Community College earning up to 30 college credits through courses taught on CAM’s campus by CAM faculty. Dual-enrollment courses may also be taken online or at the Madison Ivy Tech campus. In addition, students may seek high school or college-level online courses through various online programs.  Any classes taken outside of CAM should be pre-approved by the administrator.

Extracurricular Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in various activities including National Honor Society, drama, environmental club, basketball, volleyball, archery, cheerleading, and golf. Some of these activities may not be available if there is not enough student interest.


All middle school and high school students have personal use of a Chromebook during the school year with the option to choose etexts for some texts.