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Indiana Choice Scholarship Program

CAM participates in the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program which provides scholarships to eligible Indiana students to help with tuition costs at participating private schools. There are household income requirements and student eligibility criteria that must be met to qualify.  Students must be enrolled before completing the application for this scholarship.  Once a student is enrolled, a parent needs to schedule a meeting to complete the application.

Current CAM families:  Please click here to set up an appointment to apply for the Choice Scholarship.  A student must have their 21-22 enrollment complete to apply.


Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO)

CAM also awards scholarships through a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO).  Funding for this scholarship comes from donations and is awarded to students based on family income.  A student is eligible to apply if their household has an annual income of not more than two hundred percent (200%) of the amount required to qualify for the federal free or reduced price lunch program.  A student must be enrolled first to be considered for tuition assistance.  If a student is eligible for the Choice Scholarship, the application for it should be completed before applying for the SGO.

Assistance is provided for families with demonstrated financial need, as determined by an independent, third-party provider, FACTS Grant and Aid. FACTS provides confidential, objective assessment of financial need based on information provided by parents. All tuition assistance awards are based on demonstrated financial need, and are not associated with academic or athletic achievement. Parents will upload their tax and income documents to the application. 

Applications for tuition assistance will be processed on a rolling basis subject to available funding. If you do not have access to the Internet or if you have any questions about the application process, you may contact the school office at (812) 273-5000.