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Student Dress and Grooming 

The goal of our dress code is to establish high Christian standards for our school and our students.  The code is meant to foster a student’s self-respect, to maintain an atmosphere consistent with instructional goals, and to provide an opportunity for students to make a positive statement in our community. 

Some ask why we require our students to wear uniforms.  The following are a few answers: 

  • Uniforms allow every student to look the same, placing them on equal footing. 
  • Uniforms prevent students from feeling left out for not having a particular brand or style of clothing because they can’t afford it. 
  • Uniforms help avoid dress code “issues,” such as pants that are too tight or too baggy, skirts that are too short, inappropriate t-shirts, etc., which makes the teachers’ and the principal’s jobs easier and happier. 
  • Uniforms help avoid unnecessary distractions, so students can focus on learning. 
  • Similar to sports teams, uniforms create an atmosphere of spirit and pride in the team, or in this case, our school! 
  • In real-life, many jobs require dress codes; since CAM is preparing students for real-life, this is a good start! 
  • Uniforms set us apart.  Our school is different from other schools; why not dress like it? 

To achieve such standards, a specific uniform will be required for all students.  To the greatest extent possible, uniform guidelines will be applied consistently.  It is the responsibility of parents and students to understand and comply with the uniform code guidelines. 

Dress Code Guidelines 

Students are expected to dress according to the dress code from the time they arrive at school.  Students are expected to use good judgment in dressing for extracurricular activities, in a manner that reflects modesty, neatness, and cleanliness.  Although the rule of the uniform dress code may not be enforced for extracurricular activities, students' appearance should reflect its spirit.

There are specific guidelines in the Family Handbook but these are the general guidelines:

  • Students may choose any items that are navy or khaki (i.e. pants, shorts, skorts, skirts,
    jumpers, etc.) and wear them with polo shirts (red, white, navy, light blue, or black).
    Girls may also choose a navy blue dress. Students may choose to wear polo shirts that
    are moisture-wicking, but only if they are free of logos (e.g. Nike, Under Armor, etc).
  • Students may wear sweaters (white or navy), sweater vests, CAM fleece jackets, and
    CAM sports warm-up jackets over their polos.
  • Students may also wear CAM crew neck sweatshirts, CAM hoodies or CAM athletic
    warm-up shirts with uniform pants or shorts.
Important Notes: 
  • Jackets or sweatshirts worn during the school day must have the CAM logo on them. 
  • We encourage you to purchase a CAM t-shirt or sweatshirt and/or a black polo shirt with the school’s logo.  Having a shirt with the school’s name on it is helpful for teachers when they take students on field trips. 
  • We encourage girls to wear some type of shorts under skirts, jumpers, and dresses for modesty. 
  • Backpacks and lunchboxes should have no cartoon characters on them, though simple shapes like dinosaurs or butterflies are fine. 

Please purchase all items from Shaheen’s, J.C. Penney, or French Toast. CAM t-shirts, and sweatshirts may be purchased through the CAM Spirit Wear Store.  This store is through and is open throughout the year.