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Tuition and other fees are necessary in order for the Christian Academy of Madison to successfully fulfill its mission. CAM encourages its families to remain committed to promptly meeting their financial obligations in accordance with Biblical stewardship. The following is highlights of the tuition policy of the Christian Academy of Madison:

  • The application fee is non-refundable unless the school is unable to accept the enrollment of a child.
  • Every family is responsible to pay the application and enrollment fee, even if they plan to apply for a School Choice or Tax Credit Scholarship.
  • Tuition covers books, technology fees, and some supplies. It does not cover uniforms, lunches, extracurricular fees, or field trips.
  • Tuition and fees, which are auto-pay, are paid based on the payment plan a family chooses in FACTS.
  • Families may access their financial account information from the FACTS link through FACTS SIS. 

Parents of enrolled students can find the full policy in the family handbook. 

TUITION 2022-23

PK 3 & PK 4                      $4,320
K5 & 1st – 6th grades    $5,748  
7th & 8th grades            $5,928 
9th – 12th grades           $6,408